The Function Of An Infrared Gas Analyzer And How It Works

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

An air sample might be analyzed for different elements and compounds using an infrared gas analyzer. If works by measuring the various wavelengths that the gases will absorb radiation in order to identify them. Each substance has its own unique infrared spectrum which makes this type of detection and analysis very accurate in chemical and industrial applications.

The entire device is composed of two chambers which will analyze and detect the components in the gases. One of the chambers is used for measuring the wavelengths, and the other is used as a reference for comparison.

The detector is fixed with an optical filter in front of it that will obstruct other wavelengths that are not being measured. Since various gases will not absorb the same wavelengths as any other, a positive identification can be made with accuracy. There is no need for a further search as all the desired information is available at wikipedia.

There are several versions of these types of analyzers and they are often made to be used in plants and factories of various industries. The analyzers can be placed directly in the exhaust systems of a factory to record real-time data.

The most dependable and accurate infrared gas analyzers operate with a single beam, dual-wavelength principle, which is what most industrial-made analyzers work with. Six gas-phase compounds can be monitored at the same time using this kind of mechanism because 8 different wavelengths are made available at one time.

In industrial applications, the most probable places that an infrared gas analyzer will be found are in a boiler, garbage incinerator, or a furnace. This might be for a private industry or for a research facility. There are times where this type of analyzer is required by law for an industry to be able to continuously monitor and record gases that are released from their exhaust systems. The data collected may also just be utilized in research or for informational purposes.

Usually when a stack-mounted infrared gas analyzer is used, it is for emissions monitoring. The gases O2, CO2, CH4, and NO are the gases that commonly cause problems and are usually the ones being monitored. Not only will they detect the presence of each of these gases, but they will also measure the concentrations of each of them.

This type of monitoring is beneficial to any company that has a plant that releases gaseous waste into the air, but several companies will install them in order to comply with local laws. With this type of analyzer, the company will be able to know precisely what is in their exhaust and what adjustments they need to make in order to comply with the law. These companies may also desire to lower the amount of pollution that the company releases into the air by continuously monitoring the emissions.

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